Sometimes boys need to be punished. Some of them end up in our punishment room where our experienced masters come up with most creative punishments to insert some necessary discipline into the boys. Models, sportsmen, houseboys are sent here to learn their lessons discipline.

All our boys were 18 years or older at the time of filming.

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Our experienced masters use whips, straps and canes to turn these mischievous boys into obedient slaves. Often, we like to come up with more creative ways than simple whipping to punish our boys. Enter the punishment room and enjoy the discipline at its finest.


Here you can find latest news and stories from the punishment room. Experienced masters take time to explain some of the best ways to punish the boys. From creative and complex punishments to classic discipline - you can take some time and enjoy a variety of recipes and tricks of the trade that make punishments perfect.

Inferno Punishments. Part 3: Wrath

March 2nd, 2024

Again, the boy finds himself kneeling of the floor. The boy knows that his ordeal is far from over. But what is it that his cruel master is going to punish him now? The man enters and notices the boy’s semi-hard cock. The master takes the boy’s cock in his hand and starts stroking it.

Inferno Punishments. Part 2: Lust

February 13th, 2024

The boy is kneeling on the floor. He is waiting for the next “ring” of Inferno punishment to start. The master explains that all boys need to be punished for lust. Boys of this age are bound to be having dirty thoughts driven by lust. For this, the boy will be assigned a punishment inspired


What is going on in the punishment room? What are the punishments that our coaches, masters and trainers come up for their boys? Take a look at the previews below where we introduce a selection of punishments that our boys must face.