Ilya has been freed from the chains where he was whipped by his master, as he was telling a story of an Epic Punishment. At some point the boy failed to produce cum in a specified period by the master, ruining his story. The master told the boy that this kind of disobedience reminds him

As Ilya ruined the master’s story about burning wheel when he was enacting one of the Epic punishments that the master was describing him, the boy was punished by whipping in “present” pose. Sadly for the boy, he could not keep his perfect posture throughout the session and started wiggling and crouching under the whip.

Ilya is kneeling naked in front of his master, who is about to continue his sadistic “history lesson” about the Epic period of Ancient Greece. The boy knows better to stay motionlessly kneeling “presenting” his body just the way his master expects him to while in the punishment room: his knees are apart, abs sucked

Ilya, the houseboy finds himself chained in the dungeon. It is time for his regular whipping session. The master is a strict disciplinarian and he believes that in addition to “earned” punishments, the boys should be regularly whipped to improve their behaviour and punish the boys for any mistakes that have left unnoticed. Master enjoys

Houseboy is sleeping. This is Ilya, 21 year-old muscle boy who serves a stern and cruel master. We get to spend a full day with the boy to follow his routine from the wake-up till he is sent to bed. Or rather, on the mat as houseboy is entitled to sleep only on the floor.

Welcome to punishmentroom!