Epic Punishments for Ilya: Prometheus

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Ilya, the houseboy finds himself chained in the dungeon. It is time for his regular whipping session. The master is a strict disciplinarian and he believes that in addition to “earned” punishments, the boys should be regularly whipped to improve their behaviour and punish the boys for any mistakes that have left unnoticed. Master enjoys these moments where he can whip his boy for no reason – just for fun. But recently, these routine whippings have started to be boring for the master. So he decided to make the sessions even more more interesting for himself and useful for the boy.

The boy is worried: he is not usually chained like that for regular whipping. As a good houseboy, he is trained to present himself to and properly receive his punishment. Regularly kneeling in front of his master. What is going on? The chains are really strong, the boy tries to move but the chains hold him firmly in place. The master enters and explains the boy that he decided to “spice up” the regular whippings. He explains that from now on the whippings will be also a history lesson for the boy. That does not sound good, the boy starts shivering.

As the master caresses the boy’s trembling body, he explains that he will try out on the boy what he calls “The Epic Punishments”. The master loves ancient history and the “Epic Period” in Greek Mythology is one of his favourites. The time of gods and titans, heroes and warriors – it has produced some of the greatest adventures, but also interestingly some of the most creative punishment ideas. Greek gods were cruel and sadistic. When provoked, they unleashed terrible punishments. And now poor Ilya will get to learn about all of them: on his own skin.

The master takes his whip and casually starts whipping the boy as he tells about the first Epic punishment: Prometheus. For his crimes, Prometheus was punished by Zeus, who bound him with chains and sent an eagle to eat Prometheus’ immortal liver every day, which then grew back every night. The bound hero had to suffer every night.

So today Ilya must take the role of Prometheus – he is bound on the rack as the master admires his body, excited in anticipation what is to follow.

He punches the boy to the lower abs. That is where the eagle by Zeus would have found the liver every night. He keeps punching the boy. But what about the bird’s biting beak?

To play the bird’s biting beak, the master attaches some of the strongest nipple clamps and clothespins all over the boy’s body. If you want to try this at home then a classic way would be to attach them to the lower abs, but master likes variety. He keeps punching the boy in the abs.

And now the most painful moment. Ripping off the clamps. Master takes all his time, playing with them, so that the boy would feel every move, every tickle. He repeats this with every pin on the boy’s balls.

But the genius of Epic punishments was in their repetition: once the boy thinks his ordeal is over, the master re-attaches the pins – in a little bit different set up, but they still bite hard. He then takes his painful strap. Just where the gut punches landed just minutes ago his strap is dancing, leaving the boy’s skin bright red. He is using his strap to rip off the pins from the boy’s body.

And again, the routine is repeated. Just like Prometheus the boy is made to suffer the same punishment repeatedly. This time the pins are attached to his lower abs and sides.

The master “tickles” the pins with his whip – until he rips them off by lashing at them with a sudden move. The pain must be close to what Prometheus felt when he received his punishment.

The intense experience leaves the boy’s skin bright red. The master is quite brief as today is only a first test – trying out different punishments. Ideally this punishment alone could be carried out within several hours. You can enjoy this punishment in Ilya: Epic Punishments Parts 1-4.


Master is already curious to move on to the next epic punishment.