Ilya: One Day in the Life of a Houseboy – Part 1

Friday, December 16th, 2022

Houseboy is sleeping. This is Ilya, 21 year-old muscle boy who serves a stern and cruel master. We get to spend a full day with the boy to follow his routine from the wake-up till he is sent to bed. Or rather, on the mat as houseboy is entitled to sleep only on the floor. The master has provided him with a mat.

The boy has no pillow or blanket. Naturally, he is not allowed to wear any clothes even during daytime, so he is sleeping also naked. His hands are cuffed behind his back – so that he does not get any funny ideas during the night. He has a phone next to him. The boy is not allowed to use alarm, as it may disturb the master, but he is allowed to keep an eye on the time. He is expected to wake up at 6 a.m.

Oh no! The clock next to the boy shows 6:01 a.m.! The boy has slept in a full minute!

And suddenly, there is the master. He is holding a whip.

The boy’s wake up is going to be brutal. Without saying the word the master starts whipping the boy awake. The boy shivers as he understands his mistake. The whipping continues. The master explains how disappointed he is in the boy. The boy must not only be awoke but kneeling at 6 a.m. waiting for the master.

The boy is told to assume the pose that is too familiar. On the knees, arms stretched in front, back exposed. He knows what follows. The day has barely begun yet the boy is kneeling already for his first punishment. The master tells him that he wil lbe punished for every SECOND the boy overslept – this means 60 whiplashes for 1 minute.

The boy must count every stroke. He must also apologise to the master – after every stroke. So he goes “One, Sir!, I’m Sorry, Sir!; Two, Sir! I’m Sorry, Sir!…” until all 60 lashes are completed.

After whipping, the boy is not quick enough to get on the knees. He knows very well that after whipping the master wants to admire “the results of his work” and to do this the boy must immediately assume the “kneeling present” pose. As he is still a little sleepy, the boy earns another whipping for his sloppiness.

The boy hates the next part of his morning routine. As the boy is not allowed to touch his cock without master’s approval – he is also not allowed to wash himself. So master washes the boy himself.

The master admires this young muscular body that is already covered in whipmarks. Of course, hot water is not to be wasted on the houseboys, so the boy is cleaned with cold water.

Although this is his routine every morning, the boy cannot help but wiggle as the instincts get the better of him. The master tells the boy to stand still, but under the cold shower, the boy just can’t.

This kind of disobedience is not tolerated in the master’s household. He takes the crop and whips the boy right there under the shower. The boy’s ass cheeks are getting bright red.

The whipping works: being afraid of more lashes, the boy stands still. Even when the master takes his cock and washes it with ice cold water, the shivering boy tries not to make any sudden moves that the cruel man may regard as “disobedience”.

The master is pleased. He says that the boy deserves a bonus for standing under the cold water – so he makes the houseboy stretch in the shower room to get the blood flowing and body warmed up.

The boy knows how to please his master: he sticks up his ass that is completely red from all the whipping and moves his body to warm up.

When the boy hoped that obedience will save him from additional whipping, he was mistaken. The master says that he is so pleased with the boy that he wants to “warm him up” properly. So the boy is told to assume the “Present” pose and yet again he is whipped: this time not as a punishment but as a special favour from the master. The wake up is over.

The morning continues with a brief training. The houseboy may not use towels, so the master has designed a training that is both effective morning workout but at the same time a drying session. The boy must keep moving so that the water from the washing dries up. Of course it is replaced soon by sweat, but that is a different story.

After the workout, the boy must present his body to the master for inspection. The classic “Standing Present” known already from the ancient slave markets is the best pose to asses male slave’s musculature and overall development. The master is not impressed.

He is not happy with the speed the boy’s abs are developing, so he has the boy go through the whole morning workout routine again. This time, the reps are counted by whip.

It is time for the first chore and how entertaining it is! The master calls it a “Humility Lesson” and he uses this work to make the boy understand the role and place of a houseboy. The master always says that “The whip is the boy’s best friend!” – the whip helps the boy to perform, it helps the boy to learn and it helps the boy to submit. That is why the boy must also learn to show respect to the whip. Showing respect to the whip means showing respect to the master.

By the end of the day, the master’s whips are often dirty: covered in sweat and cum. This is why he has instituted this morning ritual where his kneeling houseboy takes one by one each of his whips to cleaning. The boy must clean the whips on the knees and he may not miss a spot. The boy starts with the riding crop.

Still on the knees, he presents the whip to his master for inspection. The master is not happy as the boy has missed a spot at the tip of the crop where the little pads split in two.

This means that the same riding crop that the boy just cleaned is dancing all over his muscles, but targeting especially his ass and back. After punishment, the work may continue.

The naked, kneeling boy handles the strap carefully. He wants to clean it spotless. He is afraid of the strap – it is one of the most painful instruments in the masters arsenal and therefore one of the master’s favourite instruments of discipline.

Oh no! There is a groove on the surface of the strap that make the lashes more painful. The boy cleaned the main surface but forgot to pay attention to this detail. But detailing and polishing is important, explains the master. The boy knows what is to follow.

The boy knows that the master likes to se the strap on his thighs. he is made to flex the thighs uncomfortably and count the strokes as the strap lands on his flexed legs.

The next step: the flogger. The boy knows this whip well. Its many threads are often covered with his sweat and sometimes with is cum. The master likes to use the flogger for motivation – when the boy needs to move fast, run or lift of push. He cleans each thread carefully and still on the knees, presents the result of his work to the master.

The boy was concentrating so hard to cleaning the treads, that he forgot to clean the tip of the flogger’s handle. He is embarrassed that again he disappointed his master.

The boy remains on the knees and stretches his back. The freshly cleaned threads of the whip are landing now on his muscled back. This happens every morning no matter how careful the boy is. Somehow, the master seems always find a spot to pick on, sometimes the boy gets an impressing that the master almost enjoys pointing out the boy’s mistakes and whipping him.

The morning has barely started but the boy has already received more than 500 whiplashes and shows on his body. This is just the right time to move on to the last job of the morning.

The master has a short trip ahead, so he was thinking of using the rickshaw pulled by the houseboy. To make sure the boy remembers all the commands and moves, the boy must now go through an “indoor pony training”.

The master goes through a different running drills but he explains that as important as speed is the pony’s posture. A good ponyboy must make his master proud – so he fits the boy with a bar that bend his arms back – roughly reminding the pose of pulling a rickshaw. He attaches painful nipple clamps – to remind the boy that he is to push out his chest at all times.

To remind the boy of the need to show his hardon, the master finally fits the boy with clothspins on his ballsack. This is an eye catching addition to the boy’s body that make sure that no passer by will forget to get a glimps of the pony’s genitals that must be proudly presented.

The morning is over. At the end of the pony training, the boy is allowed to thank his master for the training – the boy must do it the only way it is proper for any boy to show his excitement and appreciation: by cumming. But the whole day is still ahead…

Ilya: One Day in the Life of a Houseboy (Part 1-Morning) will start playing on 21 December 2022 as a special Christmas gift to all our members!